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Floristry and recycling.

Recently I've been really thinking about how I can do more to help the environment, to this end I'm reducing our use of cellophane by 80/90% , using only to line the containers and baskets that need it. 

Our selection of arrangements will be created using biodegradeable oasis ,( to date the most up to date product is 57% biodegradeable )which is 57%  better than it ever has been. 

Alternatively we will deliver your flowers table ready in a vase which eliminates the use of any oasis or plastic = 100% Eco Friendly.

So what can you do with oasis after your flowers have eventually wilted. you can actually break it up really small and add it to your flower pots , hanging baskets , flower beds as it will help to retain moisture and prevent your displays drying out completely in the warm weather.

This way the soil holds moisture for your blooms while the oasis  continues to break down. 

Bowls and containers can be recycled or donanted to your local charity shop .


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Ring o Roses is an award winning florist, situated in Dooradoyle Limerick with daily delievries to city funeral homes and the regional maternity hospital.